Carrot Cupcakes with Catnip Cream cheese Frosting

carrot cupcakes con catnip cream cheese frosting

Y-U-M. Yeah. I know. Sometime, in June of last year, I wrote this post. Teasing with a recipe to come for the above deliciousness…. Well, I never got around to it. I’m sure a newly toddling babe and sweltering triple digit temperatures get me out of trouble…right? Anyway, while I was working on redoing my website, I shared some old posts and I was politely reminded by a few folks that I still was holding out on this recipe. Then the gals at the Wild Things Round-Up graciously said it would be okay to share the original post, even though this mint family plant wasn’t technically wildcrafted, but grown in my garden. I guess, it’s time to stop keeping it to myself.  However, I have a confession to make….

the goods (catnip)

I really don’t remember exactly what I did. I searched everywhere for a recipe I’d written somewhere and can’t find a darn thing. So, I’ll tell you a little about how I go about experimenting with these sort of things and guess about what most likely happened. You may know by now how much I value play, and to be honest, my children should probably get the credit for everything I do and ‘discover.’ Most of what goes on in my herb’n kitchen is like one long day at preschool. It all started because Sevi was learning her ABCs that summer. So, the eager mama, I wanted to indoctrinate a little herblove and decided to start this whole ‘herbs in C’, ‘herbs in L’ etc. learning series. What was born out of the C-day, was the lovely cupcakes you see above. We had a few lingering calendula blossoms, a tiny bit of clover, some creosote and the catnip. The catnip was the only thing that was really prolific in our garden and it was a good thing too. A frayed mama prone to serious indigestion, a one year old cutting molars with a sensitive tummy, and a super active 2 year old with a busy mama and a new baby sister stuck inside in the dead of an Arizona hot summer. Yes, the catnip was generous and kind to us those hot months. We made lots of catnip vinegar and enjoyed gallons and gallons of these refreshing treats.

catnip and sage

After we spent what little time we could bear outside snipping the catnip, we came in and hunted around for some other things in the kitchen that started with C and came up with carrots and cupcake liners. What happened next is a bit of a foggy memory, but you can see some of the day’s pictures over here. I’m sure there was a quick google search for a good carrot cake recipe, perhaps like this one as well as a cream cheese frosting something or other, maybe this one. Then, what I’m certain I did was chop a bunch of fresh catnip and stir it in the frosting. The end. I wish it could be a bit more complicated and fancy, but the truth of the matter is, somedays when your 1 year old is screaming and your 2 year old has jumped off the back of the couch for the fourth time, all you can do is use your resources and not try to reinvent the wheel. It’s the HerbMama Way.
So here’s the recipe:

Add fresh herbs to it. Whenever possible. Whatever you have. In copious amounts.  

The possibilities are endless….lemon butter frosting with fresh spearmint, blackberry frosting with fresh rosemary, strawberry frosting with fresh lemon balm…. The best thing about these little cakes, is that I didn’t actually get a tummy ache after eating them. I normally would because of all that rich butter and cheese in the frosting. I don’t know if the catnip worked its magic, or it was just my good mama reward, but I do distinctly remember eating the frosting by the spoon for days after with no distress.  The little candy carrots, which actually employed another ‘herb in C’, were another part of our giant fun messy day, but perhaps I’ll save that tutorial for next June. ;)

Love and Catnip,


Carrot Cupcakes with Catnip Cream cheese Frosting — 6 Comments

  1. YUM! What a great idea. I neglected to plant catnip this year in the backyard so I’m out. But, I love the honesty about googling the recipe and forgetting to write it down. That’s the story of my life! LOL. Love that old pic of Sevi (popsicle post) and Sage when they were littler…

    • Catnip is delicious! Just be sure not to use the dried up stuff they sell for cats. If you can get it at an herb shop, you’ll be most pleased with the taste. We use it for teething, restlessness, anxiety, tummy troubles, gas, and for cooling us down on hot days. Yum!!


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